There is so much happening in the beauty industry right now and I look forward to introducing new treatments and products to the clinic’s offering in the year ahead.
Here are some of the trends you will be seeing popping up in your instagram feeds.
1. Global levels of pollution are on the rise, so we will see skincare companies introducing ways to tackle this problem. Pollution can be a big problem for skin leading to skin sensitivity, acne and premature aging. AlumierMD’s ACE serum is one such product. It fights the free radicals caused by pollution, that break down collagen in the skin.
2. At home facial tools are going to get even better than before. Already people have embraced micro-rollers and jade rollers as part of their daily routine. New technology will give us devices that we can use at home to see if our skincare is actually working as well as it should, by measuring skin hydration levels as well as lines and wrinkles. You can buy our Micro-roller tool here
3. Korean beauty was a trend that saw a multi step routine which included cleansing rituals, sheet masks, serums, essences, moisturisers and sunscreen. However, in 2019 we will see more and more people ditching their multistep routine for a more simple approach. #skincarediet has been inspired by the irritation and sensitivities many people experienced, caused by over stimulating the skin in the 10 step approach. I believe a minimalist regimen is always a good place to start when your skin is suffering. It is also better for your wallet!
4. Profhilo was a treatment that saw massive growth in 2018 and I believe it will continue to gain popularity. Click the link to book a free consultation here
5. A growing trend we are seeing in our clinic is the number of clients looking to have hair restoration treatments. This is a simple procedure which injects hyaluronic acid into the scalp to help stimulate natural hair growth. Regardless of whether you suffer with alopecia or you would just like to have thicker, fuller hair this treatment will achieve great results. click link to book here
This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many exciting innovations happening in beauty and skin care, you can be sure that we will be at the forefront bringing them to you at Akina. Happy New Year!