Full Body Massage 1hr

The therapist will personalise the treatment to concentrate on any specific areas that you are concerned with.

Sports Massage

This massage uses deeper manipulation and concentrated movements to improve performance and aid in the healing of injured muscle tissue. TSports massage will improve felxibility and prevent inguries.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage is based on ancient Ayurvedic healing techniques. It involves massaging the head, face, neck, shoulders and upper back. Indian head massage is deeply relaxing, which can prove to be a powerful preventive medicine in today's often stress-choked, fast-paced lifestyle. It also can help the physical side-effects of stress, such as: tension headaches, tight jaw, eye strain and stiff muscles.

Full Body Exfoliation: 1hr

This treatment begins with a gentle dry skin brush followed by the application of a lotion containing Lactic acid and Neroli to encourage the skins natural exfoliation process. Finally oil with active ingredients Vitamin A, C and E to nourish and repair the skin is applied leaving your skin feeling invigorated and super soft.

Back Massage: 30 mins

Back treatment: 45mins

This is a facial treatment for the back. The back is an area that can be hard to reach if you have problem skin on the area, we will take care of that for you. Also suitable if you have an event coming up that requires a low backed dress.

Environ Body Sculpt Treatment:

This effective treatment is a great way to help smooth stubborn cellulite while firming and tightening the skin. The active ingredients in Environs Body Profile Gel are driven into the lower layers of the skin to assist in the reduction of the orange peel effect on upper thighs and buttocks leaving skin smooth and hydrated.

Treatment Time: 60 mins
Cost: €90

Body Treatments:

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Spa Pedicure: 1hr

Our pedicure is a unique and luxurious spa treatment that awakens the senses while hydrating and softening the feet with a special blend of natural aroma-therapeutic herbs and essential oils.

Manicure: 45mins

Our hands often get neglected and yet when they are manicured well they can add to an overall finely groomed appearance. We will file, treat cuticles, buff, massage and polish your nails, making them look great and your hands will feel super soft and cared for.

Advanced Nutrition Programme

True anti-aging needs more than good skincare. ‘This is the definitive supplement programme, the effects on skin and overall health are absolutely cutting edge’ Patrick Holford Founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. The cornerstone of health and ageless ageing is your nutrition, if your aim is to be youthful and full of energy, with miniumm risk of disease, it is essential to take supplements. Advanced Nutrition Programme offers you tomorrow’s medicine today.

Spa Treatments

Spa Treatment Programme

When we think of the word ‘Spa,’ we conjure up images of days lounging by a pool or in a relaxation room while waiting to be called for your next treatment. While we can not offer you long days filled with meditation classes, yoga and spa cuisine, at Akina we can offer you a small slice of spa bliss with our individual spa treatments. These treatments incorporate the philosophy of ‘Spa’ by taking into consideration the seven chakra forces within the body to promote wellness. Working in tune with these forces will encourage a balance in body, mind and spirit. When these chakras are working to their optimum level the person is more centred as a whole. Using plant essences that have been specifically sourced for their therapeutic benefits, these subtle fragrances will energise a specific chakra. These treatments will equip you with the balance that is needed to cope with the stresses of modern day living and help to boost your immune system.

The Aura Balance Body Ritual

Exfoliation, Massage, Swaddle and Scalp Treatment

This aromatherapeutic journey balances the body’s full Chakra system. You choose your intent….Relax, Uplift or Inspire. Micro algae and mineral salt infused with Wildcrafted Indonesian Ginger will gently slough away dry skin. Experience a full healing body massage that will take you into a warm body swaddle. Relax as a tepid oil infusion of Chinese Jasmine and Sweet Almond is gently massaged into the forehead and scalp. To finish, your skin will be drenched and hydrated with a lotion of vitamin A, E and Avocado.

Time: 110mins

Island Earth Ginger Body Ritual

Exfoliation, Massage, Swaddle and Scalp Treatment

Renew your body as mineral salts and micro algae slough away dead skin cells
while Wildcrafted Indonesian Ginger energizes and increases circulation.
Next, a full body massage alleviates stress and tension. Your body is veiled in
a creme of Wildcrafted Indian Frankincense and wrapped in a warm cocoon.
Indulge in a neck and scalp massage while you are swadddled. Lastly your skin is
hydrated with a nourishing lotion infused with vitamin A and E, Avocado, Aloe
and Wildcrafted Indonesian Ginger. A Thai inspired Massage finishes the ritual.

Time: 90mins

The Radiant Body Ritual

Customized Exfoliation

Awaken your senses as dead skin cells are sloughed away with a customized
exfoliation of your choice of mineral sea salts and intensity. Your polished
body is drenched with a nourishing lotion infused with Avocado oil,
Aloe and Vitamins A & E to reveal supple, hydrated and radiant skin.

Time: 60mins

The Free Love Body Ritual

Massage and Swaddle

This treatment begins with a body massage using a Chinese Jasmine essential oil
and Sesame Oil blend to relieve stress and tension. Next your body is wrapped
in a full body cocoon to seal in moisture and optimally hydrate the skin. Oil
residue is removed with lavender infused hot compressions. Hands, feet and
decollte are massaged with Wildcrafted Indonesian Ginger Lotion to complete
the experience.

Time: 60mins

The Clear Mind Ritual

Hair and Scalp Treatment

Melt away stress and fatigue while enjoying the benefits of this decadent
scalp treatment. Warm blended essential oils of Chinese Jasmine, and Sesame
Oil is gently placed onto the “third eye” area and into the scalp; a gentle
massage is performed to release tension and condition the skin and hair.
Relax as the aroma of French Lavender soothes your senses and balances
the Crown Chakra.

Time: 30mins

The Savasana Body Ritual

Exfoliation, Massage, Swaddle and Scalp Treatment

This holistic body treatment starts with an exfoliation ritual of Wildcrafted
Indonesian Ginger. It is followed by an Ayurveda inspired massage with warm
Sesame oil infused with essential oils of Chinese Jasmine. A warming swaddle
allows the oils to penetrate and nourish the deeper layers of the skin. Relax as
a tepid oil infusion of Chinese Jasmine and Sweet Almond is gently massaged
into the forehead and scalp. Warm compressions and a stimulating Wildcrafted
Indonesian Ginger lotion application will leave you relaxed, yet energized.

Time: 90mins