<img class="size-full wp-image-635 alignright" title="iStock_000016733977XSmall" src="https://www.akina.ie/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/iStock_000016733977XSmall.jpg" alt="" width="284" height="423" /><strong>Laser</strong>Laser works by selectively heating the target (the hair) while preserving the surrounding tissue. Permanent hair reduction is achieved by using heat to disable the hair follicle and therefore over time preventing regrowth. Usually a series of treatments are carried out for optimal long term benefits, the number of treatments required depends on the skin type and the hair growth. A patch test will be needed prior to the commencement of treatment. Prices start at €90 and vary depending on the area being treated. Our qualified therapists will explain the process in full detail with you during the consultation, which is free of charge.<strong><a name="wax"></a>Waxing</strong> <em>(24hr patch testing is required for first timers)</em>At Akina we use Cherryb wax! Cherryb is a oil and wax system that is cool to the touch and will remove even the most stubborn hair. We have chosen to work with this wax as it not only delivers results but it makes the treatment a more bearable one by reducing the ouch factor! See our price list for reduced pricing when combining areas.<strong><a name="electro"></a>Electrolysis</strong>Electrolysis is the longest established method of removing hair permanently. The method uses a very fine needle inserted into the hair follicle and we release a small amount of a heat producing current, which cauterises the blood supply to the hair. A series of treatments will be needed to get maximum results. During your consultation your therapist will explain the treatment to you in full detail. We are specialists in this field and have a proven track record.