It is a reality now that the most recent coronavirus news points towards the quarantine of anyone with its symptoms or others who are living with someone undergoing symptoms of Covid-19, for at least 14 days, however, it is now being advised all around the globe to adopt “socially distancing” practice and to start working from home and to avoid leaving the house unless it’s essential.


The idea of staying at home for a lengthy period of time can be very scary and a bit awe-inspiring, especially if you are the kind of person who loves to be active and fit, or you are generally scared of isolation.


You should not lose hope and you should certainly not let this frighten you anymore. Don’t let this be an excuse for you to binge watch Netflix and eat junk food all day. This is only temporarily and is for the good of everyone!


Benefits of exercise for skin


As we all are well aware that the largest organ of a human body is skin. Therefore, exercise also helps the skin the same as it helps the other organs e.g. the heart, liver etc. to stay healthy and in fighting form. Exercise can also increase the defense capability of the skin and protect against aging and potentially harmful infections or viruses..


Exercise can also help the body to control oxidative stress and blood sugar level, resulting in the reduction of advanced glycation end products which are the cause of aging of the skin tissues. Exercise can also help to provide important proteins like collagen to the skin. Even those genuine drops of sweat are good for your skin. Overall exercise is a great way to feel good and release those happy hormones throughout your body.


Use of Sunscreen Indoors


Do you have to wear sunscreen even if you are not leaving your home and just sitting inside and watching your favorite television shows?


There are enough UV rays able to penetrate glass to continue to do damage to your skin.


A few of the skin diseases that are caused by ultraviolet rays are xeroderma pigmentosum, Photodermatoses, actinic prurigo and lupus etc. Whereas continuous UV exposure can also cause Melasma. Prolonged contact with ambient light may make your skin dark. You should apply sunscreen daily to ensure you maintain a healthy skin, whether you are outdoors or planning on staying indoors. Your skin will thank you in the long run.


Importance of Self-care during stressful time


We all have things to do, cleaning the house, putting on the washing and making dinner for the family. While it’s hard to prioritize something like taking a bath or reading a book, when you have so many other priorities in life, taking care of yourself is an important part of management of stress levels.


The reason behind this is that we are all less capable of handling stress that comes in our way, especially, when we’re already exhausted by emotional and physical tiredness.


To explain it in a more simple and positive way, we are more resistant and more able to handle the stress when we are emotionally and physically at our best. In these situations a massage, a warm bath in the tub or other forms of pampering refresh you inside and out. Remember to keep calm and stay level headed as this is not only just good for you but will help boost your immune system too.


Benefits of good nutrition on skin


When people talk about diet, they usually speak about weight, but did you know that what we eat can also impact the health and appearance of our skin? While we usually reach for skin care products to treat and care for our skin, our diet can help to rejuvenate our skin from the inside out.


Keeping a healthy diet can have very long term results on us, which are majority of the times far more effective than any type of topical treatments. The things we eat and what our body ingests has much greater impact on the overall appearance and condition of our skin. A healthy diet includes raw minerals, vitamins, acids, phytochemicals and other useful compounds that our skin and body needs on a daily basis. There are some foods that are loaded with these essential elements that can help to nurture our skin.


The Importance of Maintaining a Good Skin Care Routine


The skin does its best to protect and shield what is under its surface. Although this is not essentially a very nice thought or a pleasant visual, the truth remains that the skin protects us from airborne illnesses, infections and germs. By properly taking care of our skin twice a day daily, we can help in maintaining our skin’s health to contribute in continuously protecting what is inside us.


Keeping a skin care routine will help to restore healthy and new skin cells. If you keep a good routine for skin care, you will get rid of any dead skin cells while also stimulating the renewal of healthy cells that will give you a youthful spark again.

Skin is tough but it is not immune to long exposure to damage as a result of poor skin care. Whether you are concerned about maintaining a healthy glow or about preventing noticeable signs of aging, the importance of using a good skin care routine cannot be emphasized enough.