Reviv Genetics

General Benefits

Embark on a personal beauty programme by understanding of how your genetic make-up affects your aging process.

Specific Benefits
  • • Collagen breakdown
  • • Collagen production
  • • Biological age
  • • Skin hydration
  • • Oxidative stress
  • • Selenium requirement
  • • Effect of Q10.


Beauty Analysis

Aging and especially aging of the skin has a variety of causes. 9 key areas are analysed and the status of these results allows you to follow a beauty programme based on your genetic makeup.


Analysis of 8 genes enabling you to fully understand the inherent genetic traits influencing your weight and how to optimize your diet to maximize sustainable weight loss/management.



Identifies your individuals needs for over 20 vitamins and minerals and their impact on multiple bodily functions.

Food Planning

Our comprehensive food table lists over 1000 common foods and details your genetic responses enabling effective meal planning for either optimum health or weight management.