Skinmade Personalised Moisturiser

Bespoke facials and skin care routines have been achievable for quite some time, nothing is more satisfying than knowing that your facialist has created a facial just for you and your skin care needs and when they manage to get your homecare routine spot on it seems like all the worlds collide. With recent developments in the beauty industry, thanks to the staff of the Fraunhofer institute in Germany, we can now take this idea of personalising beauty treatments and apply it to our moisturisers.

When you want a perfect dress you go to a tailor, this is like couture for the skin.

Features and Benefits

  • Personalised moisturiser just for you. The self-learning algorithm provides you with the exact dose of the right ingredients to help your skin perform at its optimum level.
  • Measures lipids and hydration levels in the skin
  • Works by helping to maintain the skins natural moisture and lipid balance
  • When the skin is in balance all processes work more efficiently
  • Only ingredients essential to your skin’s needs.
  • Skin is monitored every 4-6weeks to ensure any changes in the skin are being addressed.
  • Your formula evolves with you.

Cost for skin analysis and moisturiser €75