Why Choose Skinmade


Your skin is as unique as you are – and therefore deserves some love and attention. There are many different factors that determine your skin’s current condition and challenges, like the weather, your stress-level, hormones, your lifestyle etc… Skinmade is the first skincare brand that takes the time to listen, measure and understand your skin’s needs in order to offer products that are 100 % individual and optimally adjusted ingredient-wise.

We are proud to offer skincare at a level of ultimate effective- ness, so your skin gets exactly what it needs – no more, no less.

High quality standards are key for our skincare products – we strictly say no to: para- bens and mineral oil and yes to: natural and body-distinct substances.


How Skinmade Works


The secret: Skinmade’s original biophysical skin reading system that captures exactly what your skin currently needs. Together with our artificial intelligence that takes the data from your skin, translates it into a set of ingredients, freshly mixes up the formula and creates your personalised skincare. Your formula meets your skin’s individual demands in harmony with nature (no animal testing) and your body. There is no other skin like yours, so we offer beauty products made by your skin!

How it works:
1. We measure the condition ( biomarkers) of your skin.
2. Analyze the results of your skin reading.
3. Compose your personal formula.
4. Your formula is freshly made in Germany and then shipped to Ireland.
5. After six weeks we measure again and note any changes in the skin.

Good To Know


Skinmade skincare is about recreating the skin’s natural beauty balance – a state of self-healing and regeneration. With the help of our skin readings, we measure exactly which ingredients your skin currently needs to get there. We do not use harmful ingredients like colouring matter, hence the look of your facial cream is as natural as it’s ingredients and texture.

Our favoured ingredients are aloe vera, a natural substance, hyaluronic acid and sodium lactate – the latter are body- distinct substances. Due to the fact, that we freshly produce your face care and hyaluronic acid might continue swelling, the consistency of your facial lotion can change.

Having applied your fresh facial lotion for a few times your skin might feel slightly tense at the beginning. It’s a sign that your skin is weaning off useless, improper or harmful ingredients from former skincare products.