How do you get rid of  dark circles?

It is one of the questions I get asked most frequently  by my clients, dark circles around the eyes are a common cause for concern and while it is generally not possible to get rid of dark circles there are products and treatments that can help to diminish them.

There are a few different reasons that dark circles appear around the eye area:

  • They can be hereditary, genetics have a lot to answer for.
  • Dry skin or eczema.
  • Natural shadows from having deep set eyes or sagging skin.
  • Pigmentation caused by sun damage.
  • Lack of sleep, more on that below.
  • Dehydration caused by excessive sweating, alcohol or illness can contribute to the appearance of dark circles.
  • Nutritional deficiencies, vitamin C , vitamin K and Iron are all important nutrients for preventing dark circles.
  • Seasonal allergies.

Whatever the cause it is there is no miracle solution to get rid of them, that said, they can be managed so that they are not a cause for concern. The key is to be consistent with your care of this fine delicate area. The skin in this area as I  have mentioned is extremely fine so when your eyes appear to have dark circles, what you are most likely seeing is the blood vessels under your skin. The reason lack of sleep can make your dark circles appear worse is due to the fact that when you get little sleep your body produces more of the hormone cortisol in order to energise the blood. The effect of this on your blood vessels is that they become engorged with more blood causing the vessel to expand and appear closer to the surface of the skin. This gives the appearance of a dark colouration around your eyes.

How to treat dark circles:

There is no magic eye cream to get rid of dark circles, sadly. However, a good eye cream will keep the skin in the area hydrated. Most people don’t need a separate eye cream but if you have sensitive eyes or if your moisturiser is particularly heavy then a separate eye cream is recommended.

Wear large sunglasses with a UV protection as well as spf on the area to prevent pigmentation. Image skin cares Iluma Intense Brightening eye cream is a good one to try if pigmentation is your issue.

If lack of sleep is causing your dark circles, try to ensure you are getting regular exercise which will not only help with your sleep patterns, but will also increase overall blood flow in the skin bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin. When you wake in the morning applying a cold compress, potatoes or cucumber can all help to reduce puffiness and dark circles. The application of something cooling and soothing can be very effective.

Manage your allergies with over the counter anti histamine, keep alcohol to a minimum and avoid too much salt which can cause puffiness.

Taking a good multivitamin will help to deal with any nutritional deficiencies. I recommend the Skin Vitality 2 supplement from the Advanced Nutrition Programme range. The Skin Omegas in this range are also excellent for helping to keep dry skin/ eczema/psoriasis under control.

Using a cream with retinol will help to build collagen in the skin so if you have inherited a particularly fine skin this will help to build up and thicken the skin. Salon treatments such as needling or radio frequency can also help with this process. We offer collagen stimulation therapy (needling) in the clinic to help build collagen. The Venus Freeze treatment is also an excellent option to treat dark circles. The combination of radio frequency for the production of collagen and the magnetic pulses to promote healing and improve blood and lymph flow can have excellent results.

When all else fails makeup, concealers and highlighters are your best friend for a quick fix solution.  Jane Iredale do a combined eye conditioner and concealer called ‘Circle Delete’ which contains moringa butter and avocado oil, both high in vitamins A,C, D and E. It also contains green tea extract which is a potent antioxidant.