Here at Akina, we treat each of our clients differently and take a completely tailored approach to helping each one achieve their skin goals. We know that not all skin is the same and everyone reacts differently to certain products and treatments. As one of the leading skin clinic’s in Dublin this is something we pride ourselves on. We take the time to get to learn our clients struggles and goals for their skin.


No One Size Fits All

When we first meet with a new client we want to know as much about their current skincare routine as possible. All our clients fill out an in-depth questionnaire telling us about their current skincare, health issues and lifestyle factors to give us an idea about their overall health. We take the time to learn about your overall environment to see what factors might be affecting your skin. If you’re working in an office or a city then you might be exposed to air conditioned buildings that have poor air quality and many other city pollutants that can damage your skin. We are currently carrying our Skinmade testing on all our consultations as this is a very effective way of measuring lipids and hydration levels in the skin but there will shortly be a new measurement that we will be adding to this. (More on this later) 


We Have The Resources For What Your Skin Needs

We’re constantly looking for the latest innovations in skincare to help our clients get the results they want. We’ve invested in the latest personalised skincare products and treatments to make sure that we can deliver the best results for our clients. We use Skinmade to help our clients find the perfect formulate moisturiser for their skin. Skinmade is a revolutionary way of getting a custom moisturiser made for your own skin without having to get an off the shelf product. Our clients love it and can see the results straight away. Reviv Genetics is also another extremely powerful tool we use in our clinic to help our clients achieve amazing results. Reviv Genetics allows us to take a quick and easy swab test of our clients which we then send off to a lab for analysis. Once we get the results back we’re able to see exactly what nutrients, products and treatments will work best for their skin based on their very own genetic makeup.


Setting You On the Right Course

Once we understand what you want to achieve with your skin and we’ve accessed your skin we can begin you on the right course of treatments and products that will help you reach your goals. Once we have all of this information we’ll be able to suggest different treatment and products that we feel will be best suited for your type of skin and that will provide the best results. We also give all our clients a bit of homework too. We want to make sure you’re doing all you can be doing for your skin at home and in our clinic.


We Review Monthly

A few months after your initial consultation we like to do a review to see how our clients get on and adjust where necessary. Again, we take the time to look at your skin and see what’s working and what’s not working and adjust treatments and products accordingly. This is something that is often overlooked in the beauty industry. Our skin changes all the time and it’s important to adapt to those changes too.


Make the Right Choice for Your Skin

If you’re struggling with your skin and unhappy with the results you’re getting from off the shelf products then be sure to book a consultation with us and we’ll be more than happy to help. As mentioned above, we take the time to assess each of our clients individually to get an idea of how their skin currently is and what they want it to be. Use the link below to book a free consultation today.